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    Monday Morning Mad Science at Roxhill Elementary School

    This spring SmartLab’s creative team is sharing the wacky world of science with the students at Roxhill Elementary School’s Monday morning enrichment program.

    The enrichment program was started by PTSA member Sarah Popelka as a way to expose children at the urban elementary school to new opportunities. “The families and students at Roxhill Elementary represent a very diverse community, rich in culture and languages. However, nearly 80% of the students qualify for free or reduced lunches and the families cannot afford to pay for outside music and science programs,” Sarah says. As a parent and PTSA member, Sarah felt it was important to provide enrichment opportunities for all Roxhill students, regardless of their ability to pay for the classes.

    When SmartLab learned of the Roxhill PTSA’s mission, we leaped at the opportunity to help the kids in our community. At SmartLab, we know wonderful things happen when children have fun with positive adult role models. Studies by the Child Development Institute (link) and America Academy of Pediatrics (link) show that when children and adults play together, kids learn how to cooperate, communicate, use good judgment, and perform better in school. 

    “By working with community partners like SmartLab Toys, we [the Roxhill Elementary PTSA] are able to create valuable programs that allow our students to experience science in new and exciting ways that enrich their lives—and in turn enrich the lives of everyone around them,” Sarah says.

    Each week the students at Roxhill Elementary will use their brains and SmartLab toys like Ultimate Secret Formula Lab, Crash Test Lab, and ReCon Rover to conduct chemistry experiments, test the laws of physics, program robots, and more!

    The Toy Bank: Making Play Possible for Every Child

    SmartLab is proud to be an official supporter of The Toy Bank, and has already donated over 100 new toys to The Toy Bank this year.

    Since its inception in 2003, The Toy Bank has distributed new toys to over 19 million children living in poverty, receiving medical treatment, or dealing with crisis situations. The Toy Bank works closely with toy companies and charities around the world to help improve the lives of children. Over the last 10 years, the program has worked with over 1,000 charities, such as National Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) for Children and Boys & Girls Clubs of America Military Services (BGCA), to bring smiles to children around the world.

    Help make play possible for every child by learning more about The Toy Bank or make a donation here

    Click here to learn more about joining The Toy Bank’s network of charities. 

    SmartLab Toys Helps Nurture Strong Family Bonds

    When parents purchase a SmartLab toy, they can trust that they are giving the young scientist in their life more than just a toy—they are giving them a learning experience that has the power to help build a life-long bond.

    “At SmartLab, we know something wonderful happens when parents and children share light-bulb learning moments,” says SmartLab Creative Director James Szubski. “That’s why our toy designs focus on hands-on experiences that help nurture strong family bonds. SmartLab is passionate about building S.T.E.A.M. toys and games that

    are enjoyable for both kids and adults. Kids can have fun playing with our toys by themselves, but we always make room for the parent to jump in and join the fun.

    Szubski also believes that creating opportunities for parents and children to play together is a way for SmartLab to help make the world a better place.

    According to the Child Development Institute, playing together helps families develop strong bonds that can last a lifetime. Families that play together are more cooperative, supportive and communicative. These traits result in increased self-esteem, social skills, and sense of connectedness that helps kids and teens use good judgment when confronted with challenging situations. (Learn more here).